Effective & Efficient Government

Linda Tyler supports a cooperative regulatory environment that promotes efficiency and openness from government agencies in Arkansas as they work with industries and consumers. While oversight is necessary to protect public safety and interest, Linda believes that government oversight is most helpful when it is lean and nimble, addressing the issues at hand with efficient and modern solutions. Since technologies change so swiftly now, state regulations should be subject to periodic review. They need to be tailored for each specific industry and sub industry. As a small business owner, Linda understands the difficulties created when regulation is not tailored to suit specific types of businesses. The drawbacks of one-size-fits-all regulation became ever more obvious when her frozen yogurt store was required to install and maintain an expensive grease trap, even though no grease would be produced in the store. Bluebird Sand and Gravel in Batesville, Arkansas was forced to stand idle for weeks, with 70 new employees ready to work, while a state agency reviewed applications for a permit. Similarly, while she believes state agencies must be thorough in reviewing applications and permits, she understands they must also process them expeditiously to ensure that businesses do not face long waiting periods. With these principles in mind, Linda Tyler will seek to implement the following legislative proposals:


Sunrise and Sunset Laws

Linda Tyler will work to pass a sunset law that requires periodic review of state boards and commissions to determine whether they are still relevant, whether changes need to be made to eliminate economic hindrances, or if a board or commission needs to be discontinued altogether. A complimentary set of sunrise laws should also be enacted to determine whether new professions need to be regulated by a state board or commission or whether another cost-effective method can be found. The Bureau of Legislative Research can be tasked with carrying out the periodic analysis and providing recommendations to the Rules Committee of the Arkansas Legislative Council. Such a package of reforms will reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and foster an efficient government.


Periodic Review of Regulations

As the senator from District 35, Linda Tyler will also work to pass legislation that requires state agencies to review regulations that have been on the books for more than 10 years. The goal is to modernize regulations where needed, removing regulations that are no longer necessary and tailoring regulations to be economically sound. This process will also ensure that state agencies do not take a one-size-fitsall approach to regulation and rulemaking. The review process conducted by state agencies will be open to the public and enable businesses and professionals who are being regulated to have a say in determining the validity of existing regulations.


Fast-tracking permits and licensing

Linda Tyler will also ensure state agencies that review permits and conduct inspections are adequately staffed. This will make sure businesses seeking to create jobs face an expedited yet thorough review process, with the shortest possible wait-time. Ninety-five percent of review permits should be completed in less than 60 days. Linda believes that the development of vital natural gas resources can be protected through added resources within the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and the Oil and Gas Commission to thoroughly process permits and conduct inspections in a timely manner.



Propose complimentary sunset and sunrise review laws to study the effectiveness or necessity of various existing state commissions and potential state commissions that regulate professions in Arkansas. Such a package of reforms will reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and foster an efficient government.

Compel state agencies to review regulations that have been on the books for 10 years or longer, with a view towards modernizing regulations, making them more flexible or eliminating them when they are no longer needed.

Ensure that state agencies that review permits and conduct inspections are adequately staffed to greatly speed up the review process for businesses seeking to create jobs.